Rachael Blumberg Wants You to Embrace Those Good Vibrations

There’s something so gratifying about being the person who uncovers something great. Like, say, the best gelato spot in Sicily. Or a hidden sample sale where everything fits and everything is half-off. Discovery is surely in our nature. 

What’s not so much in our nature, is publicly performing a sequence of exercises atop a vibrating plate. In a group. And actually having...fun? Enter: PLATEFIT, the high-vibe, LA-based fitness studios that’ll get you all shook up. 

The 27 minute workouts, designed by founder Rachael Blumberg, are inspired by HIIT, boot camp, yoga, and barre techniques. The only difference? All the action goes down on your individual Power Plate machine—a medical-grade rehabilitation tool—that vibrates 25 to 50 times per second. In short, you get double the work in half the time.

It all started when Blumberg noticed a strange plate gathering dust in the corner of a gym in LA. “I contacted Power Plate, the company that makes them, and was like, "What is this and how do I get certified?” she says. “I went through their whole process and just fell in love with vibration training.” 

Here, we chat with Blumberg about incubating and hatching a business, training like Russian astronauts, the morning routine she swears by, and her boiled egg-sessions.  

I was inspired to start my business after… some friends had taken me to a gym in LA where this vibrating plate was sitting in the corner. There were literally weights sitting on it and it was pretty clear no one had used it, or knew how to use it. I went over and jumped on it, and I am sort of the minority in that I had the most incredible experience the first time. I felt it in every part of my body, and was like, "This thing is very cool."

I was surprised to find out that… every pro sports team in the United States and every athlete I admired, uses the plate. But at that time the machines retailed for about fifteen grand. With my business background, I just got to thinking that this is something that should be everywhere.

What people may not know is that… vibrating plates are actually medical devices that are backed by science. They were invented for Russian Astronauts. In outer space, you can develop early osteoporosis and atrophy of the muscles, because there's no gravity.

When you’re using a vibrating plate… even just standing on it, your muscles contract nine hundred times in 30 minutes.  

Vibration training has taught me that… working out more is not necessarily better. Plate training takes your workout and actually shortens the length of it. You just do more in a shorter amount of time. I found I was getting results in fifteen to twenty-seven minutes a day.

Building this business has been… an insane experience, to be fully honest. I was twenty-seven years old when I quit my full time job. I had no idea how I was going to make money and my parents and everyone around me were like, "You're crazy." I went from making a six figure salary at twenty-seven years old to making zero. 

In order to start a business you need… a team of people around you. I had so many people wanting to invest in my concept over the nine years I was training out of a gym in LA. But I was so exhausted I literally couldn't do it; I couldn't pull it off. It took my partner, Yuval, to see and believe in PLATEFIT. And to launch us where we are today. He's kind of the go for it kind of guy and together we've built a business that's proving to be very successful.

The best business advice I can offer is to… delegate as much as possible. And continue to wake up every single day and put one foot in front of the next, because it always changes. But if you just have the same vision of wanting to help people and your intentions are good, life just sort of works out. 

My personal mission is to... help people feel better in their bodies, and to do it in a way that's safe for them.

I am a huge believer of… taking care of myself first. I have two little kids, and between that and building a business, life gets out of control. I love getting my nails done, not because I have to get my nails done every week, but I like going for an hour and a half and not being on my phone.

My daily ritual starts with… a meditation. Sometimes it's twenty minutes and sometimes it's five minutes. But I set my alarm, and try my hardest to do it. I love meditation, it’s changed my life. I also journal every morning. It gets me into a very grateful state of mind. And of course getting in a workout is very important to me.

When it comes to eggs… I love them. I'm a huge hard boiled egg person and eat them almost every single day. 

My boiling routine includes… this red timer that goes in the water with the eggs. You choose from a a soft, medium, and hard setting, and then just put them in cold water as soon as they’re done.

I love my yolks… exactly how PECKISH makes them; creamy and a little on the softer side.

I pair my eggs with… avocado, hot sauce, and your Everything Bagel dip.

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