Nature's Perfect Food

We believe that eggs are the unsung heroes of the protein world. They’re completely natural, perfectly portable, and chock-full of good nutrients. They’re adaptable enough to dress up, dress down, pair with sweet, pair with savory, and contain only what nature provided - no powders, dyes, or fillers that you can’t pronounce.

Eggs Reimagined
Peckish - Ethical Farming Promise

Ethical Farming Promise

We partner exclusively with Blue Sky Family Farms to source our Free-Range, Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Humane eggs.

Like you, our Free-Range hens are happiest when they engage in their natural behaviors of perching, nesting, socializing, dust bathing and pasturing, because happier hens lay the best tasting eggs.

Peckish - Flavors Made to Double Dip

Flavors Made to Double Dip

Inspired by your favorite dishes we’re elevating the humble boiled egg in a delightfully unexpected way. We start with a clean simple base of crispy quinoa or crunchy dry-roasted pepitas seeds and perfectly season to evoke some of our most familiar, nostalgic dishes – like umami-rich “FRIED RICE” or zesty, herby “RANCH”.

The crispy crunchy texture and robust savory flavors when paired with our delicious eggs give an extra “oomph” to a quick breakfast or midday snack that are all Keto friendly and options for Paleo and Whole30.

Peckish - Whole Food Protein & Simple Ingredients

Whole Food Protein & Simple Ingredients

We shouldn’t have to compromise healthy eating or great taste for convenience. Protein from whole Free Range eggs is one of the cleanest and simplest ways to add more to your diet every day.

Our Snackable Eggs & Crispy Dips are made from simple, clean ingredients – all our eggs are Free Range, our grains, seeds, dehydrated veggies, herbs and spices never include gluten, GMOs dairy, artificial flavors, or additives, and all are perfect to enjoy on-the-go or to as a tasty addition to snack-time.