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What does PECKISH mean?

(informal, mainly British). Feeling slightly hungry; having an appetite.


Current protein options underdeliver on quality, taste and eating experience, so we launched PECKISH - a fresh refrigerated snack brand that is reimagining the ready-to-eat egg to deliver truly satisfying real food protein options.

Where can I buy PECKISH?

We’re always getting into new retailers - check our Find A Store page to locate a retailer that carries PECKISH near you!

When did PECKISH launch?

January 2019.

What’s inside each PECK pack?

2 Certified Humane, Free Range eggs paired with a sachet of our flavorful, crispy dip. 

PECK Packs are High Protein (11 - 14g+ per serving), Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Zero to low sugar (no added refined sugars), and contain no artificial flavors or additives.

Will PECKISH foods work with my diet?

Eggs are nature's perfect food. Not only are they one of the cleanest forms of protein and chock full of healthy fats, but they are also a versatile staple for almost any diet - including Paleo, Keto, Vegetarian, Dairy and Gluten Free. With this in mind, we have created flavorful, crispy, crunchy dips that are all gluten-free and totally tasty. For our Keto and Paleo crew we have "Salt and Pepitas" and "Everything", and for our Gluten-Free people, we have those flavors as well as "Fried Rice", "Rancheros" and "Maple Waffles". Check out our product pages to see which flavor fits your diet!

What are the flavors?

PECK Packs come in five flavors:





5. “RANCH”

What is the SRP?

$2.49 - $3.99

When do I eat PECKISH?

Our Snackable Eggs & Crispy Dips are the perfect on-the-go breakfast, lunch or snack offering true ‘mini-meal’ satiety and convenience. You can also reengineer them to create a high protein salad, toast topper or DIY ramen!

Are PECKISH products vegetarian, lacto-ovo, or “veggan” friendly?

Yes, we are very good friends with vegetarian, lacto-ovo and “veggan” diets.

Are PECKISH products gluten-free?

All of our PECK packs are gluten-free.

Can I eat PECKISH if I'm lactose-intolerant?

Egg-cellent news: eggs aren’t a dairy product, so they don’t contain lactose. Which means that all PECKISH products are certified dairy-free.

Are PECKISH products kosher?

Not yet but stay tuned! We're in the process of getting certified. When we do get our certification, we'll definitely share as a scoop!

Can I freeze PECKISH products?

No. Fresh is always better than frozen - especially when it comes to eggs.

Is PECKISH packaging recyclable?

At the moment, our packaging is not recyclable, but we are actively working to move towards a more sustainable format later this year! 

What are PECKISH’s sourcing standards?

Our eggs come from one of the farms owned by Egg Innovations, our parent company. 

What does Free-Range mean?

Our hens engage in the natural behaviors of perching, nesting, socializing, dust bathing and pasturing. All our farms have at least 1.2 square feet of inside space that are designated for each hen. Our barns hold 20,000 chickens with 11 acres for Free Range and 50 acres for Pasture Raised birds to roam freely. All hens have outside access from 9:00 a.m. daily until dusk when temperatures are above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and access to 4,000 feet of shade spread throughout the pasture to ensure they are protected from outside predators.

What does Certified Humane Raised & Handled mean?

We believe in letting chickens be chickens. Our hens are 100% Free Range and Pasture Raised. We are certified to Humane Farm Animal Care’s (HFAC’s) highest level. That means (safe weather permitting) our hens have a minimum of six hours a day of pasture access, fresh air, and sunshine. Our specially designed barns and pastures allow our hens to roam free, inside and out. We encourage their natural behaviors of foraging, scratching, flapping, dust bathing, perching, nesting and social interaction because it makes them happy. And quite simply, happy, contented hens lay better tasting eggs.

What do your hens eat?

While our hens eat a fair amount of grass and bugs while on pasture, they also have a daily, free-choice buffet. We mill all supplemental feed for our hens and carefully adjust each flock’s diet to match their changing nutritional needs during every age and stage. We source locally grown, non-GMO grains and mix in all-natural vitamins and minerals. Customers with soy allergies will be glad to know we have some flocks on a soy-free diet! Rest assured, our birds are never fed antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products.


None of our eggs or dips are ever genetically modified.

Do PECKISH products contain anything artificial?

No way. We keep everything real out of respect to the egg!