Life’s Hard. Your Eggs Shouldn’t Be.


An all too familiar story.

It’s Sunday night and you’re boiling a dozen eggs for the week. You have a system, nay, a ceremony, to guarantee a seamless peeling process..but there are no guarantees in life. You get distracted and boil them a nanosecond too long, rendering a crumbly, hard yolk. Or maybe the water bath wasn’t cold enough to stop the cooking process; you crack the first egg and half of the white detaches with the shell and you immediately know the fate of the 11 that follow. Until now, the only other option was to run to the grocery store and pick a couple of pre-boiled eggs packs. Sure - it’s convenient, but that rich creamy yolk is all but a distant memory of better boiling days.

We heard you. We feel your frustration because we’ve been there. So we gathered a team of EGGsperts and we boiled 24/7 until we cracked the code, because life’s hard enough. 


Perfect is in the eye of the beholder, but we think we’re pretty dang close.

We took the Goldilocks approach (without the bears). Not too hard, not too soft.

Our highly refined cooking method ensures PECKISH eggs are exactly how you strive to make them in your kitchen at home; rich, creamy, orange yolks that aren’t too gooey, but definitely not chalky or overcooked either.

When it comes to heat, too much, too long causes the proteins in the egg white bond more and more, squeezing water out of the protein network, which makes the egg white rubbery. Our proprietary cooking method ensures PECKISH eggs are cocooned in a tender white that isn’t too delicate or rubbery, but rather the perfect texture for dipping or slicing to put on a sandwich.

*dreams do come true* 


Let’s talk more about those yolks.

It starts with the chicken...or the egg. I guess it depends who you ask, but that’s a debate for another time.

Really, it starts with the hen. Happier hens lay the tastiest eggs with the brightest orange yolks. PECKISH eggs are always Organic Free Range and Certified Humane Raised & Handled.This means our hens are free from antibiotics, chemical pesticides, GMOs, and our USDA Certified farms are environmentally sustainable.

Are you happy when you’re cooped up inside all day? Neither are our hens. We ensure our hens have ample space and shelter in clean, well-ventilated barns, plus ready access to grass and the outdoors.


Why we did it? To Make Eggs Great Again.

Over-cooked, rubbery, and what's with that grey ring? Nobody wants to be THAT person snacking on eggs in the office, catching side-eyes from coworkers because of the impending threat of a pungent odor, right?

Boiled eggs have had a pretty bad rap and we’re here to change that.

These tiny miracles are loaded with complete proteins, vitamins, and minerals, all packaged up neatly into a 70 calorie ready-to-eat snack. But for so long boiled eggs haven’t been given the tender loving care they truly deserve.

Perfectly Boiled eggs are not just beautiful to look at, but they ACTUALLY taste better. Our cooking process renders a softer yolk that helps to maintain the rich creamy yolk flavor that you so desperately crave.


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